About me:

For eight years ATC (Air Traffic Control) was my profession. Serving in the German Navy during that period meant to learn a lot about military and civil aviation.

I was based on various airports and so was priviliged to closely cooperate with aircrews of different types of aircraft - mainly Westland SEAKING, Lockheed STARFIGHTER and later on Panavia TORNADO.

As a real bonus I was able to collect quite a few hours flying as a ‘guest’ on board of the SEAKING - the minority of these hours during SAR (Search And Rescue)-missions.

Civil life kept me pretty close to aviation as my job made me a so-called ’frequent flyer’. Thus I travelled to and from a lot of European hubs almost regularly and additionally got to know airports in the USA and Canada as well as in the Asia-Pacific region.
Whenever it was possible I payed a visit to the cockpit (before 9-11 of course) and enjoyed several ’guided tours’ all over the panel from usually very friendly cockpit crews.

Flight simming is some sort of tranquillizing medicine for me. Being on a different job now, I can still keep in touch with my passion.

hotelfox (HF)
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